How we handle scratch repair for our Winter Park and Orlando Customers

Scratches to your vehicle can happen at any time and for many reasons. Sometimes they are the result of an accident, and sometimes they can happen when you’re not even present. You may not know where the scratch came from or when.

Here’s what you do know: you want it fixed. This is where Irish Mike’s Collision comes in. We are experts in scratch repair. When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll have it looking like new in no time. No one will ever know there was a scratch where you see it today.

Whether the scratch happened because of an unexpected bump or due to a fender bender, we have you covered. We are not just another automotive shop, and Triple-A agrees: they’ve rated us #1 in Florida three years in a row for providing excellent service.

We Don’t Just Paint Over the Scratch

For many vehicle owners, a scratch is just a cosmetic issue. The temptation is to go to your local automotive store and get a quick-fix solution, like a can of touch-up paint. However, we don’t recommend this. You may end up with a different tint of paint than the one on your car. While this may help the scratch not be as noticeable, you’ll be able to see the difference in the color on your vehicle.

Rather than doing the above, bring it to us. We won’t just paint over the scratch—we’ll repair it. Utilizing our extensive experience and high-end technology, we’ll make sure to match the paint so that you aren’t driving around with a two-toned vehicle.

Other Services
In addition to scratch repair, we also offer:
  • Dent repair
  • Auto glass replacement
  • Full vehicle paint repair
  • Interior reconditioning
  • Oil changes
  • Alignment
  • Balancing and rotating

And more! In some cases, we can take care of your vehicle while you wait. You can help yourself to a variety of snacks and watch some television in our customer lounge. We want you to be comfortable.

How Long Does It Take?

The length of scratch repair service varies depending on the severity of the scratch and on the workload of the shop. We know you want your car back as soon as possible. When you bring your car in, we’ll be able to check out the damage and give you more details on timing.

Can I Drive It Right Away After Repair?

Great question! This will also depend on what we need to do to repair the scratch. When you come in, we’ll be able to tell you more.

Contact Us

Bring your vehicle to us for scratch repair. You won’t be disappointed! We are a local family business, and we know how important cars are to their owners. One of our experienced service representatives will assess the situation and discuss repair logistics with you.

We’re open Monday through Saturday to better assist you. You can also give us a call at 407-380-0808 to find out more about our scratch repair services. We look forward to working with you!