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We are a PDR company in Orlando, FL and we believe that hail damage repair should be quick, painless, and affordable. We offer paintless dent removal to get rid of those unsightly dents on your car or truck without the expense of repainting the whole vehicle.

Our expert technicians will do an assessment and work with you insurance company to do any necessary repairs.

Hail damage is often considered an Act of God and is processed as a no fault claim. So you don’t have to be worried that getting your car fixed is going to have a major effect on your insurance premiums.


Paintless Dent Removal: Paintless Dent Removal is an advanced process that allows a technician to eliminate small dents, hail damage and other surface imperfections by applying specially designed tools. Compared with traditional PDR techniques the benefits are improved cosmetic results, reduced labor time, much lower cost of repair.

– Paintless Dent Repair at Irish Mike’s Collision, is painless and easy.

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We offer a complete range of Hail Damage Repair services in Orlando, Florida.

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We will get your car back to the way it was before the damage so you can go on loving your car and happy to drive it when you get in it. This technique will save you time and money compared to other methods of hail damage repair like body shops with paint jobs or vehicle repainting. Paintless dent removal can be done on nearly any make or model car, truck, motorcycle or RV

Want to get your autobody needs serviced by the experts? Come to Irish Mike’s Collision Repair.

We offer a state of the art paintless dent removal service that will not damage your vehicle’s exterior.

This hail damage repair method is also more affordable than other methods because it does not require you to spend money on paint or body work, which can be expensive and time consuming.

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