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When it comes to your vehicle’s bumper, you want a company that will handle the repairs for a fair price and with lasting results. At Irish Mike’s Collision, our repairs emphasize efficient service, durability, and affordability. Client satisfaction is our priority when taking on each new job.

Dents and scratches on the bumper of a vehicle are some of the most common consequences of any collision. Whether it happens in the parking lot or on a busy street, an accident anywhere needs a fast fix. Regardless of the severity of the damage, our team of professionals is highly experienced in repairing all types of vehicles damage.


Many institutes and auto body shops overcharge clients for the repair of their vehicle. This isn’t usually malicious; sometimes they just don’t know where to shop for deals on parts, paints, and tools. Because our team is efficient in our purchasing, we can give clients some of the best deals on the market.

Bumper repair is a process that may require a ding hammer or other tools, sanding tools, paints, and other devices. With our innovative new processes, we can utilize these tools and supplies economically without spending excessive amounts of time to finish your vehicle.


At Irish Mike’s Collision, we understand the situation many of our clients are put in when they bring their car into the shop. It can be challenging to get to work, class, or social events and gatherings while your vehicle is being repaired. That is why we prioritize fast, efficient service for every job.

With years of training in the best new techniques for car repair, our fully certified team of auto repair technicians can work smarter and faster. Without compromising on quality, we can perform each job faster than average while still keeping open communication with our clients to ensure that decisions are made in their best interest.


Our certified staff believes that the best technicians continue to learn and grow even in their career. This is why we continuously emphasize learning about new tools and techniques available to auto technicians. This means better, faster, cheaper repairs for clients, and more efficient work styles for our employees.

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Our talented and highly experienced employees are available and excited to speak with clients and consult on whether or not Irish Mike’s Collision is the right fit for you and your vehicle. Anyone in the Orlando area can easily reach out to our team of pros for advice on bumper repair and collision damage management.

To provide the best possible turnaround rate, we are open six days of the week and can be reached easily by calling (407) 380-0808. Bring your car to us for a bumper repair that is both efficient and high-quality.


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