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Owning a car is more than just owning a way to get around. The way your car functions determines how easy it is to get from place to place. With that, the external appearance speaks to the level of care you put into your possessions and assets.

Rather than drive around with scratched paint and an unsightly dent, show your friends, acquaintances, and even future employers that your life is on track with fresh paint and an undamaged car. Treat your vehicle to auto painting right here at Irish Mike’s Collision in Orlando, FL.


Our team of auto repair technicians is dedicated to bringing every customer the most efficient service possible. We can do this by identifying the issue quickly and assessing the best course of action while consulting with the client.

We understand that not every client wants the fastest, most expensive method. That’s why we make sure to keep open communication going that allows clients to make decisions for themselves without any surprise costs down the line.

Each fully certified staff member draws on years of training in collision repair and auto painting. We offer some of the most innovative new approaches to maintenance. We service a wide range of vehicles of varying years, makes, and models. In addition to training, we prioritize real-life industry experience when hiring for our company.

Irish Mike’s Collision employs individuals with significant and impressive industry experience. This means we have an excellent track record for repairing vehicles quickly and in a way that lasts.


We want our clients to be able to choose the repair options that are right for them and their situation. That’s why we offer a range of repairs that can include whichever parts of the car have been damaged. With our services, you are never overcharged for a service you didn’t need. We offer:

  • Alloy-wheel Repair
  • Full Collision Repair
  • Full Vehicle Paint Repair
  • Interior/Exterior Reconditioning
  • Auto Glass Replacement

We can repair and paint a wide range of vehicles regardless of size or year. If you have a specialty vehicle with unique needs for auto painting, feel free to call us and speak to one of certified auto repair technicians who can give you all the information you need.


At Irish Mike’s Collision, we prioritize client satisfaction above all else. We want to be your number one automotive collision choice in the Orlando area. We are open six days of the week from Monday through Saturday, and we can be easily reached by dialing (407) 380-0808.

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Our friendly and professional employees are willing to speak with you and consult on any vehicle that may need painting or repair. Let us show you that we are the right fit for you and your needs. Bring your car to us for painting at Irish Mike’s Collision to receive fast, fair, and high-quality services from our team of pros.


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